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EHSS Manager

For our Client, an important Company in the industrial sector, we are looking for a brilliant:


EHSS Manager


The EHSS Manager provides a technical-managerial vision, direction and guidelines to the company’s leaders and managers in order to achieve the company’s EHSS objectives.

The candidate is responsible for all aspects related to the disciplines of environmental protection, protection of health and safety of people and physical security. He/She takes care of the maintenance and continuous improvement of the existing management systems, the possible development of new management processes. He/She evaluates the technical-economic feasibility of the identified solutions, in order to positively impact on the EHSS indicators within the company’s business framework. He/She maintains an appropriate level of collaboration with government bodies and industry associations, both nationally and internationally, in order to ensure the active participation of the company in the workgroup related to the development / implementation of emerging.

He/She has the authority to stop production / work activities when conditions that may prejudice the protection of the environment, people, goods or compliance with industry regulations and regulations are met.

In addition, he/she is responsible for some of the critical processes / programs that will be defined from time to time based on the company’s priorities.

Responsibilities assigned to Critical Processes / Programs as a substitute for the Head of Facility:

  • Management of environmental and safety authorizations;
  • Internal and supplier Audit on EHSS management system;
  • Waste form management.



  • Degree in “Environmental Sciences”, “Chemistry”, “Chemical Engineering”, “Chemistry for Industry and the Environment”, “Biotechnology”, “Civil and Environmental Engineering”, “Physics”.
  • As an alternative, proven experience of more than 10 years in the areas related to environmental problems in industrial companies falling under the legislation on major accidents.


Knowledge, Competencies and experience

  • Problem Solving;
  • Project planning and management;
  • Management of suppliers and customers;
  • Statistic analysis;
  • General knowledge of the processes, chemistry, materials, equipment, equipment and systems used in the Fab Wafers and technical services (facility);
  • General notions of finance;
  • Knowledge of international standards for management systems in the areas of Environment, Health & Safety, Security, Major Accidents, HSF, Conflict Mineral, Quality;
  • Knowledge of Italian and European environmental regulations for the sectors concerning authorization procedures, waste, water discharges, emissions into the atmosphere, with particular regard to the solvent management plan, combustion plants, greenhouse gas emissions, RohS & similar;
  • Knowledge of Italian and European regulations regarding the regulation of major accidents;
  • Knowledge of Italian and European regulations regarding the health and safety at work with particular regard to risk: Chemical, Carcinogenic, Ionizing and Non Ionizing Radiation, Artificial Optical Radiation, Electrical, Biological, Noise, Fire, Explosive Atmospheres, Load Handling, Work in confined spaces, Work in height, Transport of dangerous goods;
  • Knowledge of Italian and European regulations regarding the security discipline with particular reference to dangerous goods transport, security institutions, video surveillance and access control, information security;
  • Knowledge of the main software tools with particular regard to Excel and its advanced features, power point and word.

Location: Avezzano, Abruzzo

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